Smart Wi PLUS - wireless card spliter

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Technical data

Smart Wi PLUS - wireless card spliter
  • SmartWi Multi Room Solution come standard with 1 Wireless SmartWi master box, 3 Wireless SmartWi client card and a power adaptor for SmartWi master as a set.
  • SmartWi Multi Room Solution Master Box.
  • Size: 90 x 56 x 23.
  • The Wireless SmartWi master box are using a fast microprossesor to control both the card reader and the wireless part.
  • Follow ISO 7816 standard.
  • Host device auto detect clock speed.
  • USB2 connection for firmware update & supply power.
  • Bild in antenna for wireless comunnication with slave card.
  • Wireless range. Min.15 meter Master <> client unit (indoor range).
  • Auto re-start after power failure.
  • Stand alone operation, manage the smart card itself.
  • Very fast master <-> slave communication (>30 Kbytes/s).
  • LED indicator for operation.
  • SmartWi Multi Room Solution Client Card.
  • Size: 109 x 54 x 0,6.
  • The wireless SmartWi client card are using a small microprocessor to handle both communication with the receiver and the wireless part.
  • Follow ISO 7816 standard.
  • Auto detect clock speed from the receiver.
  • Firmware update true SmartWi master box.
  • Build in PCB antenna for wireless communication with master box.
  • Wireless range min.15 meter from Master unit (indoor range).
  • LED indicator for operation
  • Powered from receiver’s cam / card reader.
  • Warranty : 2 years. 
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